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Are you looking for NEW, Stylish, Stunning, Unique and superb expression for your business?

If yes, then buy our brand new range of new domain names. Our unique range of domain you’re your business a new dimension. Get new identity and grace with your unique online presence.

boy specialDomainsHow Do I search special Domains?

Special domains are for special people and business. It’s not that hard to look for any special domain now.

 Searching a desired special domain is easy Just type the desired domain extension with your desired domain name in the above search box (Or search in our web hosting store and hit enter.

You will be redirected to our web hosting store, where you can add it in the basket and buy it right away.



Add Domain Name and Press Enter in above Domain search box


 You can type desired domain name suppose you want .PIZZA for domain 'buypizza' just put the name with domain extention( and press enter.



Special Domain Names List


.academy .catering .delivery .flowers .institute .network .report .taipei .wtf
.accountant .center .democrat .football .insure .news .republican .tattoo .xyz
.accountants .ceo .dental .forsale .international .ninja .rest .tax .zone
.actor .chat .design .foundation .investments .nyc .restaurant .taxi  
.adult .cheap .diamonds .fund .jetzt .one .review .team  
.agency .christmas .diet .furniture .jewelry .onl .reviews .tech  
.archi .church .digital .futbol .joburg .online .rich .technology  
.associates .city .direct .gallery .juegos .ooo .rip .tennis  
.auction .claims .directory .gift .kaufen .organic .rocks .theater  
.audio .cleaning .discount .gifts .kim .partners .rodeo .tienda  
.band .click .dog .gives .kitchen .parts .run .tips  
.bar .clinic .domains .glass .kiwi .party .sarl .today  
.bargains .clothing .download .global .land .photo .school .tools  
.beer .club .durban .gold .lease .photography .schule .top  
.berlin .coach .education .golf .legal .photos .science .tours  
.best .codes .email .graphics .lgbt .pics .services .town  
.bid .coffee .energy .gratis .life .pictures .sex .toys  
.bike .college .engineer .green .lighting .pink .sexy .trade  
.bingo .community .engineering .gripe .limited .pizza .shoes .training  
.bio .company .enterprises .guide .limo .place .show .travel  
.black .computer .equipment .guitars .link .plumbing .singles .university  
.blackfriday .condos .estate .guru .loan .plus .site .uno  
.blue .construction .events .haus .loans .poker .ski .vacations  
.boutique .consulting .exchange .healthcare .lol .porn .soccer .vegas  
.build .contractors .expert .help .love .press .social .ventures  
.builders .cooking .exposed .hiphop .luxury .productions .software .vet  
.business .cool .express .hockey .maison .properties .solar .viajes  
.buzz .country .fail .holdings .management .property .solutions .villas  
.cab .coupons .faith .holiday .market .pub .soy .vision  
.cafe .courses .fans .horse .marketing .qpon .space .vodka  
.camera .credit .farm .host .media .racing .study .voting  
.camp .creditcard .film .hosting .memorial .recipes .style .voyage  
.capetown .cricket .finance .house .men .red .sucks .watch  
.capital .cruises .financial .how .menu .rehab .supplies .webcam  
.cards .dance .fish .immo .moda .reise .supply .website  
.care .date .fishing .immobilien .moe .reisen .support .wiki  
.careers .dating .fitness .industries .money .rent .surf .win  
.cash .deals .flights .ink .mortgage .rentals .surgery .works  
.casino .degree .florist   .movie .repair .systems .world  

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Website works on WWW , WW2 and HTTP/HTTPS Protocols. Website provide your client your web content (For example Text, Images, Download and Document). Your Website uses all the available internet technologies (Read Here).

Let us give you a very high level and quick overview (As shown in above Image).

How Website Works?

  • Any Web enable Device (PC, Laptop, Mobile) make a request to your website.
  • Your Request is routed to a DNS Server.
  • DNS Server sends the request through WWW (Let’s Say Internet) to your Web Hosting Server
  • Your Web Hosting Server validate your Request and send the page back to the requesting Device (Client)
  • As per your website Programming, The incoming request can also be processed for information (Example User Login)
  • At this moment the connection is direct over the Internet without the involvement of DNS.
  • Well, enjoy browsing the website as you have done the same Process to open our website


Does it sound complex? No worries, Rockford Solutions Manages all the Hosting and Web Designing for you. See our Plans Below:

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Smart TipsRockford Solutions is committed to provide best in class customer experience. If you are new to Web World, Make sure you go through all of our smart tips. We believe the best way to provide customer experience is customer training and engagement.
As you start a Web Designing or Development Project with us, you must be aware of what you should expect from a developer. Our Smart tips helps you to get a better vision and clear understanding of some ground rules. Just in case you want to add or need more Smart Tips, just choose Feedback section in Inquiry code on our contact form. We will do our best to satisfy your query

Be Smart,  Read all tips.



Domain Tips

  • Domain name is what you See in your address bar, use it to brand your business or product
  • Domain name should be easy to remember
  • A Domain Name Can also match your Business or Product
  • Brainstorm 3-4 Domain Names before choosing the final Domain name
  • Use Short Domain Names as possible.
  • Avoid more than one hyphen in domain name
  • Choose stylish domain name extension (example .pizza for Pizza restaurant, .cricket for cricket club Click to See More)
  • If there is a .com or .CO domain available for the chosen name, Just buy it without wait
  • You can Choose from multiple options like .com, .co, .in , .info, .mobi for your domain name. Buy DNS Hosting with your domain name.
  • This provide more functionality than standard DNS
  • Always Buy more than one domain (.com, .in, .org, or .info) of similar Domain name.Eexample,,
  • Buy Domain Name for longer terms. At minimum, buy it for 3 years. We recommend to buy a domain for 10 year with Private registration and DNS hosting.
  • Do Not Fall for White Scam (Lowe Price for First Year and higher later on), Look for stable rate like we provide in our web store.
  • Go to , create a FREE account and start searching Domains. You will always get lower price than any of the domain name providers.
  • Use your domain name to personalize your email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) , No more yahoo, Gmail logins

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Wht is Text?Website Text is an essential and very important part of Website. Web Images alone cannot impress your visitors. You must let them know about your organization/Profession, Your Services and Product. A professional Website Text can get you more clients. A professionally written text give your website an improved impressions on the Google and Yahoo.

Rockford Solutions Professional article writing services at very minimal cost starting from $10(INR 660) per Article.

Kindly contact us here, If you need article writing along with web designing.

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Why Images?Sometimes an Image speaks more than words. Images must be personalized and customized to be lightweight. Rockford Solutions design Services optimize your finite set of images to fit best on your website for FREE. You don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Web Pages with Images get 90% more views than Web Pages without Images
  • An image has grater visual impact than the text
  • Before buying any products, end customer like to see product to determine the quality
  • Images helps to create an interactive environment
  • Correct use of images attract customers

Business and Premium Web Designing Plans comes with some FREE professional images. You must choose what suits you for your needs, or Click Here Contact Us Now and Let us help you.

What you are waiting for? Check the web designing services here…

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