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Quality Policy

Priority is high for quality and Security at Rockford Solutions Private Limited. We are committed to provide high quality output, using well defined quality control methods. Therefore 99.95% accuracy and accountability is assured for every project we handle whether it's big or small.

Defining quality software or Training is very tough job. We keep our quality measures simple and solid. When your business faces several challenges, your organization needs a robust process with solid tools. At Rockford Solution we follow a robust process and relevant software development methodologies and best practices in our design, coding, testing and documentations to deliver a quality product.
Even in our BPO (Back office and Customer Support) processes we do follow standards and quality checks to ensure high quality of services. All our BPO processes are developed with the great contribution of our partner clients. This is to ensure a personalized look and feel of the offshore team.

Our project teams' work to achieve a common goal called "Useable Product". Yes, we deliver our product and services to you in the view of your end users (your clients). Our Partner Consulting services enable you to get the best out of your business. These services save cost and time for medium and big projects. Our dedicated consultants will take care of requirement gathering, verifying requirements with you and sync up requirements with designing, development and testing teams.
We are aiming to be a large organization and provide value for money services for each client. We have been working on various projects since 2013. Till now we have delivered exceptional results and satisfied our continental and global clients.
Customers Data and confidentiality is our utmost priority we ensure you that in any case we will never use any of the data, Client name or Project name to showcase unless otherwise client permit use the name in our client showcase area.

Our Work Principles

We are dedicated for quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. We believe that quality comes with quality process and best practices. Our delivery of product and services are stable because we design and develop process as per clients business and needs. To ensure customers business stability, we invest extra time and afford in process identification and designing at the beginning of the project.

We work on following principles:

Initial investigation

Before undertaking any project we verify the duration, effort, time and expertise required for the project. This helps us to give a realistic estimation of time and effort to complete the project in hand. Once customer agrees on the given timeline we setup buffer time slots and proceed with next step.

Cross Cultural Trainings

We acknowledge that overseas culture is different. We have experts working for customers across the globe. When we hire a team, we introduce them to various cross culture training. For long term projects, we do ask customers/ partners’ needs for any specific culture training if required. In long term project, we also conduct sessions for our clients to understand Indian work culture and ethics. We work with our customers on the basis of mutual and business approaches.

Effective communication

Our each employee undergo through Email and other communication etiquette trainings to make sure a delightful business communication. We do emphasize on friendly and clear communication over very formal and technical communication. Our trainers are well equipped with material and tools they require for corporate trainings.

Professional and Productivity

We pay full attention to develop our resource through various training programs. All our teams are mix of experience and young professionals. Our aim is to provide friendly professionals to our clients for a delightful experience.

No Resource over burning

We respect our employee's time and private life. We have studied and experienced the productivity of a happy employee. A happy employee is a best resource to put on work. Our development team works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our customer support Team Works 24*7*365 with rotational shift and 2 week offs per employee per week. This ensures one to have a complete personal time. We also conduct fun activities, reward and reorganization time to time. We always welcome our customers to conduct any reward and reorganization, Team gift or any other surprise sponsors. At Rockford Solutions work is fun.

Value Added Services

As part of our other operations we have full functional HR department, Technical and Soft skill training staff, Network Support staff, designing staff, housekeeping and other vendors for various services one require to run an organization and project successfully. We also facilitate our partner clients to meet their teams occasionally via AV conferencing (Skype, Hangouts). Get to know your offshore team is always encouraging for offshore teams.

Software and Security

As we believe in quality, we always ensure latest and genuine software like Windows and productivity suites, development tools. We use genuine and full version antivirus software to protect your data. We are successfully running our business with Open Sources tools like Open Office and Pencil for official purpose. This helps to reduce the operation cost of projects for our clients.
Our premises are accessible to authorized personals only. All our systems and software are secure with strong passwords. We use proxies to ensure security of your data.

Here are few steps taken to ensure confidentiality.

• Separate password protected Systems, e-mails, drives & folders for each client.
• Regular security checks as well as background checks for staff.
• Confidentiality agreements before hire staff.
• Awareness Programs and online tests to ensure every employee are aware about confidentiality.
• External storage devices inside the office are not permitted without prior permission of the management.
• CCTV monitored premises with high security.
• USB storage is disable on all the systems

Backups & Recovery

• Regular backups will be taken and stored in several locations. We can also store data in client's location regularly if required.
• To ensure regular internet connection, we use different ISPs.
• Power failure backup for every site.
Document Security & Privacy
• Eliminate the use of hard copies of documents and manuals.
• Printers and scanners are only accessible by management.
• Document sharing is only enabling via network drives accessible by project teams.
• Maintain clear desk policy with every employee.


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