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The Partner API

Every business is unique, everyone is accelerating the wheels with time. However, for a successful business, you need to go hand in hand with your clients and partners. The Partner API model is what you are for your partners.

When it was SOA, these APIs were a huge challenge to develop, manage and maintain. Remember your partners are different than your clients in many ways, you cannot have a common interface for your client and your partner all the time.

Let’s take an example of an investment bank, where many insurance agencies are their partners. Bank may give its own insurance APIs to end customers, but those are useless as a partner point of view.

The API world isn't New but with rapid advancement in the tools, technologies and delivery methodologies, the API world has been changed as we know it. Micro services are the new replacement for traditional service Bus, however not completely.

S. P. Singh

What is changed?

When SOA was used in connection with service-based standard (SOAP/WSDL), the main challenges were:

  • SOA Was Bulky
  • Need more resources and effort to onboard a client
  • Opening a new channel was time taking
  • The reliability of ESB decreases as more and more channels are introduced

Here when we are talking about API’s, we are talking about Modern API (with Partners like Warewolf and Cloud Technologies) approach using Microservices in conjunction with SOA

The benefit of new API based Microservices are:

  • Microservices are lightweight than SOA and Easy to implement
  • Modern tools are 300 to 400% faster than developing conventional APIs
  • It is very easy to maintain the microservice based REST SOA architecture than bulky SOAP-based SOA
  • Microservice based API provides Faster execution than normal services

On top of it having own partner API’s can improve your business in many ways, including

  • Add Brand value, as an API driven business
  • Build trust with your partners
  • Extend your business and product offering through different channels
  • Faster go to market time for you and your partners
  • Offer new product to different partners easily

Rockford Solutions provide, micro service driven business solutions with our partner tools and technologies at affordable cost, be agile, go API

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