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We love sharing knowledge with our buddies. If you are wondering what would be the best way to start your website? What all stuff it takes to build a website? You are at the right place. We will cover basic things you need to run a website. Don’t bother about designing one, we can do it for you.

Ask Yourself, Do I really need a Website?

Are you a small business or an Iconic local business, may be you are a professional or performer. No matter what your business or profession is a web presence is must. A website is the web office to connect with millions of people. If you are good at what you do and you have enough confidence to showcase your skills, just get a website.

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  • A website is a communication tool, an on-line office and an open showcase for your business and skills. There are many things you can do with a website. Share your Business updates, sell on-line or let your customers download the forms from your website.
  • If you have an idea for your website just go ahead and share it with us, otherwise just contact us with your business details and we will get you an idea.
  • If your competitor have a website, you must have one. If your competitor doesn’t have a website you should get one asap.
  • If you want to grow and expending your business, you need a website.
  • If you are a registered firm, you must have a website to gain business and trust.
  • You are an inspiring individual professional (Doctor, lawyer) and want your office to be on-line.
  • You are an institute and want to reach out to your potential students.
  • If you want to turn your business card into powerful impression mark, get a website with branded email.


If You are Read for a Webstite, Keep Reading this

Let's look at the common terms we here when we deal with a developer. WWW, Code, Database, Domain, Web hosting server, images, DNS.

You need all the stuff covered in the below section to understand how to run a website.

What is WWW?

WWW is a short name of World Wide Web. WWW is an Open network space where you can share and access information. Every Document or resource on WWW has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This Resource is used to identify the Address of the Information.
To explore WWW you need three things

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  • A Web Enable Device (Your PC/Laptop/Mobile)
  • An Internet Connection (To Connect to the WWW Network)
  • A Web Browser (example Opera, Firefox etc.)

The Device (Laptop/PC/Mobile) Runs Web Browser which helps to transfer and translate HTTP documents into a meaningful format. Commonly we know this as a Website. 

Web Hosting Server

boy hostingYou’ve got a website, you need a place to fit it on the internet. A Web (Hosting) server is like a Big and Powerful Computer on the Web. This Host (Store) the Data of your Website. So in Short, Web hosting is the space on a web server to manage, modify and build your website.

Your Domain Name will be connected to the web server space where we store your website. Your Home computer is less powerful, with lesser network options to expose all its capability. However, Web (Hosting) Server is a fully capable computer with highly scaled network infrastructure. The beauty of our Web servers is that web server will never be turned off and will available to your clients. This is how your clients get the access to your website (24 x 7).

You need to rent a web server or you can have a hosting account with us. We Provide the Cheapest and Best in class (In terms of Web Hosting Disk Space, Web hosting Speed &  Network) Cloud Hosting Platform.

Rockford Solutions Provide a Cloud Web (Hosting) Servers are the most advanced, fast and secure web servers for web hosting. Our Plans are way pocket-friendly and we ensure 99.9% server uptime. Click here to check out our Web Hosting Plans


DNS is a Domain Name Server. Every Country and Every ISP (Internet Service Providers) have their own DNS Servers. DNS Servers contain your Domain Name Entry and It's respective IP address of your Web Server.

Every time You Buy a domain an Entry is made into our DNS. Our DNS is connected with all the boy dnsremaining DNS Server over a Wide Area Network. Once in 24 Hours, all the DNS servers sync up with each other to look for any new Domain Name Entry. That is why any new website in the world with fresh domain Name takes at least 24 hours to get online.

Rockford Solutions offers a premium DNS in addition to standard DNS that comes with a domain name. With Premium DNS you can point multiple Domains (,, to one website (

If you are looking for a Fully managed Website solution (Web Designing + Web Hosting + Premium DNS + FREE  Domain Name +Online Setup and Many More...), just drop us a message from contact-us Page.

A Domain Name

Domain Name is a unique address of your website (Example or are unique on www). Everyone needs to buy a domain name to get a website. Without the Domain name, it is not possible to have a website on the web. Remember, you can buy a Domain Name for one year or for ten years. The Longer the domain name duration the better it will perform on the web.

What is a Domain?


A Domain name must be carefully selected. It must be able to represent your product or business. We will cover Smart Tips for Website Dummies for more.

Looking for Special Domains? (.pizza, .dental, .band .etc) Click here to see more information.

Rockford Solutions Provides the best price value for domain names. You can compare our price with anyone in the market, we are the best. 
We do not run T.V commercials instead we keep our price in check. Click here to buy a domain.


Latest Technologies use the database technologies to store and retrieve information. These are special software’s to make your life easy to manage your data. (Example user Data).

boy DB

A Database is a Collection of raw information which can be managed, categorized, store and retrieved data as information.

 A Database server is a complex, Robust and secure server which helps to secure, store and manage the data.

A Database widely uses SQL as a standard language a to retrieve the data. A Relational Database Store information as Tables. A table is a set of rows and columns. A Database can also store and re

Rockford Solutions provide you FREE Database included in our Web Hosting Plans. Just Buy any hosting plan that suits your needs and it will give you a pre-configured MySQL Database Server’s access (Via your hosting panel) with a finite number of connections or as per your plan.

Why do I need images?

Sometimes an Image speaks more than words. Images must be personalized and customized to be lightweight. Rockford Solutions design Services optimize your finite set of images to fit best on your website for FREE. You don’t have to worry about anything.

boy images

  • Web Pages with Images get 90% more views than Web Pages without Images
  • An image has greater visual impact than the text
  • Before buying any products, end customer like to see product to determine the quality
  • Images help to create an interactive environment
  • Correct use of images attract customers

Business and Premium Web Designing Plans comes with some FREE professional images. You must choose what suits you for your needs, or contact us now and Let us help you.

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