A Website Development Life-cycle at Rockford Solutions

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The website is now one of the essential needs of growing business. If you are successful online, your business will grow. A website is an important tool. It is not only limited to business but very essential for Individual professionally such as Doctors, Lawyers, Gym Instructors, teachers, Music Bands almost everyone needs an impressive web presence. Everyone has a different need and we are meeting each one's expectation since we have started our business.

Website designing is not only requiring knowledge of latest tools, technologies, and systems but also required creative thinking and innovative mind. We are proud of our team which is delivering the best of best every time and to every client.

At Rockford Solutions, we deliver best designs and innovative ideas for your business. We use Open source technologies to give you freedom from cost and license make your website lightning fast. All the pages we designed are well optimized for search engine visibility too. Our dedicated customer portal keeps you posted about each and every phase of your website designing.

Here are the Steps involved to build a website at our delivery centers:


Rockford Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps you with Requirements Analysis, Infrastructure Planning, Project Management, and New Dimensional Products and with other value additions. Moreover, we ask you brief series of question to get a clear picture of your ideas and visions. Once requirements and ideas are finalized, we move to the next phase.


Rockford Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps you in designing your business processes and with Functional & Technical Designing in line with the organizations' overall goals & objectives with regards to the ERP selection & implementation.
For Website designing, we do create a design document and send it for approval. Once you approve the design, we start our next phase.


During Implementation, we implement the ideas captured on design documents and start working on your website. Rockford Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has strong implementation roadmaps and expertise to help you in seamless deployments and a smooth go-live.


Rockford Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers you a wide range of testing services with respect to your Website deployment. These services even include the coordination of User Acceptance tests apart from the normal testing procedures.


Success in any Website implementation depends mostly on the participation & reception by the organization & its employees undergoing the implementation. Rockford Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers you and your employees a high level of support throughout the implementation and in getting ready for the go-live. Change Management, End User Training, Documentation, Sharing of Process Maps & Templates are taken care in this service.
Our Website user training is free in form of a PDF manual that will be produced specially for you. All you need is to read the manual to add contents to your website.


Rockford Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers multiple support options including Post Implementation Support, Change Request & Service Management that could be utilized round the clock, at multiple locations and under expert project managers and support teams.
For Economy and Premium designing pack we provide one-month FREE support.
We will not accept any defect caused due to customer error or customer installed third-party extensions or any of the third-party software. Kindly contact us through our customer contact page for a custom quote.

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