Cyber Plan

What is Web Server?You’ve got a website, you need a place to fit it in the internet. A Web (Hosting) server is like a Big and Powerful Computer on the Web. This Host (Store) the Data of your Website. So in Short, Web hosting is the space on a web server to manage, modify and build your website.

Your Domain Name will be connected to the web server space where we store your website. Your Home computer is less powerful, with lesser network options to expose all its capability. However Web (Hosting) Server is a fully capable computer with highly scaled network infrastructure. The beauty of our Web servers is that web server will never be turned off and will available to your clients. This is how your clients get the access of your website (24 x 7).

You need to rent a web server or you can have a hosting account with us. We Provide the Cheapest and Best in class (In terms of Web Hosting Disk Space, Web hosting Speed &  Network) Cloud Hosting Platform.

Rockford Solutions Provide a Cloud Web (Hosting) Servers are the most advance, fast and secure web servers for web hosting. Our Plans are way pocket friendly and we ensure 99.9% server uptime. Click here to check out our Web Hosting Plans